Metal detection and separation

Quality assurance in the food and plastic segment. Protection from machine damage and loss of production.

General information

“NO” metal precipitation must be afforded!

Metal detection systems differ depending on the requirements in their execution.

Thus, for machine protection, the limit of the smallest metal part to be detected can be very different. The system selection should therefore be made in consideration of any damage that may occur. In the food sector, the requirements of HACCP are more critical. The consequential damage caused by the delivery of insufficiently controlled products is almost incalculable here.

It is not only the high sensitivity of metal detectors that is decisive, because if the setting is too sensitive, the desired part size will be detected, but the number of false alarms can be extremely high as a result. Therefore, it is even more important to use metal detectors that have a mature technology. Maintenance-free and calibration-free detection systems that meet the requirements for years prove to be advantageous.

The latest computer software in the control system enables multiple metal detectors to be linked together for seamless documentation. New standards are set here by the use of state-of-the-art technology in combination with sophisticated state-of-the-art software with metal detectors from the product range.

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