Magnetic clamping technology

Precision in turning, eroding, grinding and milling.

General information

The cutting performance of modern machine tools is enormous and is constantly evolving. That is why it is all the more necessary to achieve maximum utilization of the systems, among other things by minimizing set-up times. By choosing the right magnetic clamping system, preparations can be made, while work is still running on another workpiece.

Further advantages:

  • Uniform clamping force
  • No deformation during clamping of bearing rings
  • Multi-sided machining in one clamping process
  • Greater availability through multiple occupancy
  • Achieving very high precision

Magnetic clamping systems are manufactured in three versions:

  • Permanent-magnet-system / manual switchable
  • Electro-magnetic system / electrically switchable
  • Electro-permanent magnetic system / switchable by current pulse (normally in operation)
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