Lifting magnets for standard applications

For material handling weighing from 100 to 10,000 kg. Time saving realized with little effort!

General information

Universal permanent lifting magnets, lifting magnets electrical or battery-lifting magnets provide for material manipulation, where the unit weight and the dimensions are in the correct ratio, the optimum solution.

The advantages of permanent lifting magnets:

  • Very inexpensive!
  • Low maintenance costs!
  • NO or minimum (depending on type) crane modification required!
  • Very light own weight by using high-energy magnetic material, therefore also made suitable for small slewing cranes with lower lifting capacity!
  • Very small dimensions – ideal for secure destacking!

The advantages of battery lifting magnets:

  • Robust design also for heavy-duty use.
  • Adhesive force preselection and tapping of material.
  • No cable feed via the crane required.
  • Problem-free pick-up of unprocessed workpieces.
  • Remote control for battery-operated load lifting magnets eliminates the need to climb onto material stacks or the flame-cutting machine.
  • Minimisation of the risk of accidents!

For critical surface profiles, special solutions are available with appropriately optimized pole shoes.

Universal permanent lifting magnets for round and flat material from 100 to 2000 kg at 3-fold safety, as well as electrically switchable permanent lifting magnets and battery lifting magnets for round and flat material 500 to 10,000 kg at 2-fold safety.

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