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Our electronic and pneumatic handling devices for industrial operations are also called intelligent devices for handling – or simply INDEVA balancers.

Indeva handling devices allow material manipulation up to a part weight of max. 320 kg including load handling device effortless for the user due to the electrical or pneumatic support.

In addition to the well-known electric and pneumatic balancers, Indeva offers the liftronic-air variant, a system that combines the advantages of both types and thus offers a significant innovative advantage. Furthermore, with the linear manipulator, Indeva offers a very easy-to-guide electric balancer system that can pick up loads outside the centre of gravity, e.g. for loading machines or racks.


  • Fully automatic load balancing.
  • Ergonomic design of the load handling device.
  • Versatile use due to magnetic, electric, pneumatic and mechanical lifting tools.
  • Available as column, wall and ceiling-mounted version as well as
  • for mounting on traveling and slewing cranes.

In addition to the standard devices, special solutions for the most diverse requirements can be planned and realized. From simple hooks to complex load handling devices with control and load monitoring, the devices are customized.

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