Magnets for lifting equipment

Complete solutions with traverse and control for large-volume material handling up to 60.000 kg

General information

The advantages in lifting technology through the use of magnet systems are manifold and always associated with cost savings.

Increased storage capacity, simple storage (without intermediate timbers), time savings, accident prevention and a long service life, as well as almost wear-free use of the systems are just some of them.

Typical applications are found at steel distributors and in large processing plants.

Which magnet technology is required for the respective application is determined not only by the weight to be manipulated, but by a multitude of other criteria. The key data of the crane system (power supply, lifting capacity, number of hoists and hook outlets, etc.), as well as the material, temperature, dimensions and surface condition of the part to be lifted are just as important as the consideration of the logistical process, e.g. in steel trading (horizontal, vertical transport, turning of the material, etc.). always offers the optimal solution in partnership cooperation – as electric or electro-permanent magnet design!

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