Electro- and permanent-electro holding magnets

From standard – to customised design in the areas of holding – manipulating – fixing – clamping – transporting – sorting.

General information

Our electro- and permanent-electro holding solenoids in round and rod-shaped design achieve holding forces of 10 to < 50,000 N, depending on the respective size. Optimal application possibilities arise in robot, lifting, transport, clamping and fixture technology.

Special pole designs can be made for critical surface contours.

Suitable pole reversal control units increase the cycle times and ensure perfect demagnetisation.

Our control units can be controlled both with NC signals and via a PLC.

To ensure personal and system protection in the event of a power failure, control units with back-up batteries and UPS systems are also available. For special applications, we supply permanent holding solenoids (currentless holding).

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