Permanent magnetic materials

From engine manufacturing up to the promotional products.

General information

Magnetic materials are the basis for a very wide range of applications and are mainly manufactured as rings, cylinders, blocks or segments. However, any other geometry can also be supplied as a special shape, provided that this is technically feasible. Due to the different manufacturing methods such as pressing, casting or sintering, both isotropic and anisotropic material can be produced.

The diverse possibilities of magnetisation depend on the respective magnet material.

They are divided into four main groups:

  • Hard ferrite (BaFe / SrFe)
  • Samarium-cobalt (SmCo)
  • Neodymium-iron-boron (NdFeB)
  • Aluminium-nickel-cobalt (AlNiCo)

Typical applications are:

Permanent and electro-permanent magnet, motor and clutch constructions, measuring technology tools, magnets for lifting devices, separation systems, holding magnets for conveyors, promotional items, etc.

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