Magnetic controls/demagnetizing

We provide modern magnetic control units and matching demagnetization devices!

Magnetic controls

Holding electromagnets and lifting magnets need DC voltage to control. For systems with low power, it is possible with integrated rectifier or rectifying type plug. The execution of a control of magnetic systems is dependent, among others, on the following requirements:

  • Required power
  • Required cycle times
  • Required demagnetization values
  • Emergency power supply
  • Availability
  • Site / environmental conditions

The choices at range from simple transformer rectifier on a compact polarity reversing control unit to magnet control system by emergency power supply.

Demagnetization devices

Magnetic fields in work pieces and materials can often be annoying and unwanted. The causes are extensive and not always avoidable. With tunnel demagnetisation devices or disk demagnetizer these magnetic fields can be removed or reduced to an acceptable level.

However, due to the variety of work pieces and materials, to achieve optimal results, an exact profile of requirements needs to be created for both magnetic controllers and demagnetization equipment. – the magnetic professionals in all areas.

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